[asterisk-users] asterisk admin interface

Brian Wilson brian at wildsong.biz
Mon May 16 17:35:55 CDT 2016

You are correct. Is there any open source application in that?

> According to WikiPedia, there are open-source implementations of vi
> available:

All my instincts say "No no! Use emacs not vi!"
but I think the OP might not know saying "vi" is intended as a joke?

For small systems using a text editor is okay... watch out for typos that
will disable your entire pbx... do "dialplan reload" when you change
extensions.conf and then scroll back looking for ERROR messages. I find the
color coding to be extremely helpful.

Likewise open "asterisk -r" immediately after starting asterisk and watch
for error messages. Be warned that sometimes the errors will lead you far
far astray. Usually they are useful.

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