[asterisk-users] Migrating asterisk 11 to 13: some callers get no ringback tone any more

Michael Maier m1278468 at allmail.net
Tue May 3 13:45:05 CDT 2016

On 05/03/2016 at 05:43 PM Joshua Colp wrote:
> Michael Maier wrote:
>> On 05/03/2016 at 04:50 PM Joshua Colp wrote:
>>> Michael Maier wrote:
>>>> Hello Joshua!
>>>> I attached the sip debug without the progressinband=never set. The
>>>> caller didn't get a ring back tone as expected.
>>> Please keep this on list so that anyone who may run into a similar
>>> problem in the future has a chance of finding this discussion.
>> You are right - normally I'm going exactly this way. But I don't want
>> the traces to be world wide readable (->  privacy). I will write a
>> summary to the list as far as we know more.
>>> As for your log there's nothing of note really, it's just expecting to
>>> send the ringing as inband audio instead of out of band. Does "rtp set
>>> debug on" show the RTP traffic going to the other side?
>> Yes. I attached it.
>> And no - there isn't any packet blocked by iptables :-).
> There is nothing abnormal here and Asterisk appears to be doing the
> correct thing. It's sending an audio stream with early progress to the
> caller. It may be that in a previous FreePBX, or when used with 13, they
> changed the behavior for this to force early media and the provider is
> not allowing it.

Ok - but this doesn't seem to answer my main question:

Why must


be applied especially if asterisk uses it by default? The big difference
between w/ and w/o it is:

w/o the option progrssinband=never just the sip-package
	183 Session Progress
is sent.

w/ the option set, the additional sip-packages
	100 Trying
	180 Ringing
	180 Ringing
are sent.

If progrssinband=never is the default, the Ringing package should be
sent always, shouldn't it?

If I remove the option progrssinband=never via FreePBX, I can't find any
other value provided to progrssinband in /etc/asterisk/*.

Why does it work always correctly w/ the second trunk, which is
connected directly to the extension?

Is it possible to switch off the standard behavior of asterisk /
progrssinband for ring groups only by setting some other options?

kind regards,

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