[asterisk-users] problem with DTMF detection on calls created with Originate AMI command

nik600 nik600 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 15:00:42 CDT 2016

Dear all

i'm creating an outgoing call to number xxx with this command:


wich points correctly to this portion of dialplan:


exten => testDTMF,1,Answer
exten =>  testDTMF,n,Read(digito,,1)
exten => testDTMF,n,SayDigits(${digito})

The point is that the recognition goes in timeout and i get an error on

    -- Executing [testDTMF at cRETEUNICA:1] Answer("SIP/pbx2-000004ad", "") in
new stack
    -- Executing [testDTMF at cRETEUNICA:2] Read("SIP/pbx2-000004ad",
"digito,,1") in new stack
[Jun 30 21:56:56] WARNING[5617]: channel.c:2558 ast_waitfordigit_full:
Unexpected control subclass '-1'
    -- User entered nothing.

Any idea?

if i call from number xxx to an extension that goes to testDTMF at cRETEUNICA
it works properly.


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