[asterisk-users] how to join 2 channels using AGI/AMI

nik600 nik600 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 08:08:35 CDT 2016

Dear all

i'm using an "old"  Asterisk, and want to know if is
possible to configure a scenario like this:

1) receive a call and put it on-hold in a queue (OK)
2) monitor the queue and trigger an outbound call to a remote number using
AMI, setting the channel of the on-hold on a specific var named
channel2Link (OK)
3) when the remote number answer, trigger an AGI/diaplan script that ask to
accept the call pressing a specific key (OK)
4) if right key is pressed redirect the current call to the channel2Link,
connecting the call in queue with the remote number (?)

Step 1,2,3 works properly but i'm not able to link the two channels, even
using redirect,goto or pickupChan.

Any idea or help will be appreciated!


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