[asterisk-users] Recent UnixODBC Issues

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Tue Jun 7 05:40:24 CDT 2016

Marek Červenka wrote:
> Dne 6.6.2016 v 17:42 Joshua Colp napsal(a):
>> Happy Monday all,
>> Since I sent my previous email a lot has been learnt about our
>> UnixODBC problem and a path has emerged ensuring both better
>> performance while
>> making sure people are not required to upgrade their UnixODBC unless
>> they want to.
>> So what's this mean?
>> As of Asterisk 13.10.0 our own connection pool will be used in the
>> res_odbc module. Under testing this has shown to be more performant
>> than the UnixODBC implementation and also does not suffer the slowdown
>> present in UnixODBC 2.3.3 and above. As well since our own connection
>> pool has a fixed size we can restore behavior to that of previous
>> versions so those using UnixODBC 2.3.1 will not experience the crashes
>> that have been seen.
>> This is done by having the default be 1 connection, thus disabling
>> connection pooling. To turn connection pooling on you will need to
>> ensure you are using UnixODBC 2.3.2 or above with latest database
>> connectors and configure a maximum limit on concurrent connections in
>> res_odbc.conf. To facilitate figuring out the right limit for your
>> environment I've made the current count and limit available using the
>> "odbc show" CLI command.
>> This change is up for review[1] and any feedback would be welcome,
>> both from code review itself and testing.
>> Cheers,
>> [1] https://gerrit.asterisk.org/#/c/2943/
> whats the recommended settings in odbcinst.ini
> Pooling = no
> threading = 0

The default settings are fine, including disabling pooling in UnixODBC. 
Due to the way the new connection pool works the pooling setting in 
UnixODBC won't make a difference.

> do you think it is possible backport this to 13.9 or are there some
> problematic dependencies?

The change should apply cleanly to 13.9.

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