[asterisk-users] Including doesn't have any effect

Markus universe at truemetal.org
Mon Jun 6 04:00:24 CDT 2016

Hi AJ,

Am 06.06.2016 um 10:14 schrieb A J Stiles:
> But why not call an AGI script, have this check the caller ID against a MySQL
> database and return a status -- blocked or not -- in a variable?  Then you can
> manage individual number blocking in a much cleaner, more extensible fashion.
> Feel free to ignore me if it sounds like I'm suggesting you walk all the way
> to the tool shed to fetch a chisel, when you know the screwdriver in your
> drawer is already up to the job :)

you're right, it would be the better solution! But I'm simply too lazy 
to implement that. :D


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