[asterisk-users] Realtime for PJSIP registrations

Harley Peters harley at thepetersclan.com
Thu Jun 2 08:53:58 CDT 2016

On 06/01/2016 12:40 PM, Joshua Colp wrote:
> Carlos Chavez wrote:
>>      I use realtime for my Asterisk configuration and are now making the
>> transition to Asterisk 13 and PJSIP.  I used alchemy to set up my
>> databases and I can now configure my endpoints.  While trying to
>> configure a trunk I can see that there is a database table called
>> ps_registrations that should be used to make the registration to the
>> provider but there is no corresponding entry in the sorcery.conf file so
>> the information is never read into Asterisk.
>>      Why is this so?  Why put the table there is you cannot use it
>> (along with the transport table I guess).  Is there a way to activate it
>> via sorcery.conf?  What would that line look like because just putting
>> something like "registration=realtime,ps_registrations" in the res_pjsip
>> section prevents pjsip from loading.
> What does it say? The code currently allows this, but you still need to
> issue reloads to update things (if you add/change/delete outbound
> registrations).
>>      I tried putting the registration section in the pjsip.conf file but
>> I am getting an error back from the provider (Fatal response 403).  I
>> think I am doing everything correctly but I do not know if it is failing
>> because some of the configuration is in realtime and only the
>> registration is in the text file.
> This sounds like a configuration issue with the outbound registration or
> authentication.
>>      Any advice?  Is realtime ready for production use for PJSIP?
> People seem to be using it. Due to some recent changes in how ODBC
> support works (we gave more responsibility to UnixODBC for things)
> though there have been some crashes and problems which are being
> investigated.

This works for me.


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