[asterisk-users] - billsec field does not increment after call answer - what triggers it?

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Thu Jul 21 08:16:27 CDT 2016

Stefan Viljoen wrote:


> Only this one trunk consistenly has this problem for all calls received over
> it. The trunk provider is using sippy on their side.
> What setting / config option for the particular SIP "problem trunk" have my
> trunk provider changed on their side to stop Asterisk from recognising that
> a call has been answered when it comes in over that trunk?
> It appears some SIP traffic is not being sent by them (or not received by my
> Asterisk) that indicates to it a call has been ANSWERED and that it must
> start the billsec timer?

I can't really speak for the provider but some numbers will stay in 
inband progress (unanswered) for a bit. Some toll-frees for example.

The specific SIP message that would show it as answered would be a 200 
OK to the INVITE we sent though. If you provided the SIP log then we 
could see.


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