[asterisk-users] how to read sip debug

Israel Gottlieb isrlgb at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 14:33:10 CDT 2016

Another nice sip packet is sngrep
Shows realtime the sip flows
But i think you have to chk the asterisk answer in the dialplan logic to
chk what context its hitting etc.
בתאריך 6 ביולי 2016 10:05 PM,‏ "Steve Edwards" <asterisk.org at sedwards.com>

> On Wed, 6 Jul 2016, Victor Villarreal wrote:
> If you experience problems with inbound calls from a SIP trunk or
>> provider, you can type in Asterisk cli 'core set debug 3' and then 'sip set
>> debug ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' where xxx is the IP of your SIP provider or from
>> where it is supposed to come call.
> Another path to enlightenment is to use tcpdump to capture the packets to
> a file and then use wireshark.
> Wireshark has a 'Telephony' menu and a 'SIP Flows' menu item where it will
> list all of the SIP packets. You can sort by column to help locate the
> packet of interest.
> Once found, you can click on 'Flow Sequence' and it will pop up a window
> showing the 'dialog ladder' that includes that packet. As you click on each
> packet in the flow, the main wireshark window will re-position to that
> packet so you can examine it in detail.
> Also on the 'SIP Flows' window is a 'Play Streams' button. Kind of scary
> how easy this is...
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