[asterisk-users] Some SIP OPTIONS packages seem to be ignored by the peer

Michael Maier m1278468 at allmail.net
Tue Jul 5 09:09:24 CDT 2016


Sometimes, I can see here the following scene:

Asterisk sends 11 SIP OPTIONS-packages (qualify=120) and they are all
ignored by the peers - but the 12. package is answered immediately as
expected (I'm sure there is no network related problem).

I can see this on trunks via Internet and locally with extensions - no
matter if it is via pjsip or traditional sip module.

What's the difference between the 11 packages and the 12. package?
It's the branch, tag and Call-ID.
The 11 packages before all do have the same branch, tag and Call-ID. The
12. package changes them.

Looks like some of these values are ignored by the peers. But why? Are
they broken?

kind regards,

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