[asterisk-users] PJSIP Stun/ICE

Bryant Zimmerman BryantZ at zktech.com
Tue Jan 26 07:07:48 CST 2016

 Since there is no automated way currently built in to update the external 
signaling and media address information.
 Does the realtime pjsip support having the transport contexts section 
being pulled from a database table?
 I was thinking a cron script updating the table and forcing a reload each 
time an IP address changed might a workable solution.

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Bryant Zimmerman wrote:
> I have an asterisk 13 server behind NAT on a dynamic IP Address. It is
> running the PJSIP Stack
> It is registering to another asterisk 13 server that is on a Static IP
> outside of the firewall at a different location (also on the PJSIP 
> How do we implement STUN/ICE on the server behind the dynamic Address.
> It does not appear to be registering properly without knowing the NAT
> pubic address. When I manually add external_media_address and
> external_signaling_address to the pjsipconfig registration seams to
> work, but knowing that the IP could change really means I need some kind
> of STUN/ICE similar to what we ran with chan_sip.
> I can find limited documentation on this, and what I have found does not
> show how to set a stun server to make the ice_support field work on an
> endpoint.
> Can anyone advise where I could find an answer to this.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas you can offer.
> Bryant

The res_pjsip module does not currently support an auto-updating
mechanism for the external signaling and media address information.

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