[asterisk-users] PJSIP Stun/ICE

Bryant Zimmerman BryantZ at zktech.com
Tue Jan 26 06:36:28 CST 2016

I have an asterisk 13 server behind NAT on a dynamic IP Address. It is 
running the PJSIP Stack
 It is registering to another asterisk 13 server that is on a Static IP 
outside of the firewall at a different location (also on the PJSIP Stack).
 How do we implement STUN/ICE on the server behind the dynamic Address. It 
does not appear to be registering properly without knowing the NAT pubic 
address.  When I manually add external_media_address and 
external_signaling_address to the pjsipconfig registration seams to work, 
but knowing that the IP could change really means I need some kind of 
STUN/ICE similar to what we ran with chan_sip. 
 I can find limited documentation on this, and what I have found does not 
show how to set a stun server to make the ice_support field work on an 
 Can anyone advise where I could find an answer to this.
 Thanks in advance for any ideas you can offer.

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