[asterisk-users] "pjsip show endpoints" returns "No Objects Found" in 13.7.0-rc2

Matthew Murphy mrmdev at outlook.com
Wed Jan 13 08:26:08 CST 2016

Hi everyone,

I have just upgraded to Asterisk 13.7.0-rc2 and noticed that when I type "pjsip show endpoints" at the CLI, I get "No Objects Found".

However, if I request information on a specific endpoint, (for example: "pjsip show endpoint 101") then I get all of the information for that endpoint as expected.

This seems to have started as soon as I upgraded to 13.7.0-rc2. I tried with pjproject 2.4 and now pjproject 2.4.5 and get the same result.

Has anyone else seen this or is it something that is unique to my situation?


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