[asterisk-users] Call Recording

Ian Harding ianh at brownpapertickets.com
Sun Jan 10 13:55:31 CST 2016


I inherited an asterisk setup that works fine, but I'd like to make a
change and it's not working the way I want.

Right now, our incoming calls are recorded at the "Queue" level. It
works but it records hold music, etc and when the call is sent to an
extension, the "Channel ID" (I think it's called) is not accessible via
the API to pause the recording.  For those two reasons I would like the
call recording to begin when the call is sent to an extension and answered.

Our current setup is:

Inbound route: Don't Care
Queue: Yes
Extension: Don't Care

I thought I could change it to:

Inbound route: Don't Care
Queue: Don't care
Extension: Yes

but the calls are not recorded with this configuration.  I tried Force
on the Extension as well and still no luck.

The "Call Recording" application has this enticing little bit of text...
"If a call is to be recorded, it can start immediately which will
incorporate any announcements, hold music, etc. prior to being answered,
or it can have recording start at the time that call is answered." but
it doesn't tell you how to achieve that.  I tried putting the extension
in here with Force and that also had no effect.

I would appreciate any suggestions for troubleshooting or things to try.

Thank you!

- Ian
Ian Harding
IT Director
Brown Paper Tickets
1-800-838-3006 ext 7186

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