[asterisk-users] Forwarding call if extension busy

Luca Bertoncello lucabert at lucabert.de
Mon Jan 4 09:27:57 CST 2016

Zitat von Kevin Larsen <kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com>:

Hi Kevin

> For instance, my customer service department has this thing against ever
> having their phone ring a call while they are already on a call, so for
> these special little snowflakes, I have  the following line:
> same => n(voice),GotoIf($["${DEVICE_STATE(sip/${EXTEN})}" !=
> "NOT_INUSE"]?voicebusy)

I think, this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for...

I'll try this evening!

Luca Bertoncello
(lucabert at lucabert.de)

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