[asterisk-users] TLS certificate warnings in softphone, but not until after successful registration and call placed ?

Kevin Long kevin.long at haloprivacy.com
Fri Dec 30 03:04:11 CST 2016


I am using asterisk 14.2 and PJSIP,  with TLS transport.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here .. 

In 2 distinct softphone clients (Bria and Groundwire),  I am able to register successfully,  and place a SIP call, with no certificate warnings. But shortly after I place that first call and hang up,  I receive a certificate name mismatch error in the softphone,  the error presenting me with the *IP adddress* of my Asterisk server,  not the hostname, and of course the TLS certificates only have the hostname, not the IP, and I have configured the soft phone to use the hostname, not the IP, to connect.

I’m guessing there is some currently unset hostname setting within asterisk/pjsip that is defaulting to sending the IP in the sip messages,  and then when the soft phone tries to make a new tls sip connection to asterisk,  perhaps to signal to asterisk that the call is complete,  it then connects to the IP instead of the hostname, and the mismatch occurs ?

Any help appreciated,



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