[asterisk-users] Tranfer the called number in 3 way call

sam habash sam_habash at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 8 23:34:02 CST 2016

Hey there,

I have a question i want a dialplan to send the called number of the client instead of my callerID when making a 3way call or when transfering to an extension from a bridge to another pbx. The problem i add a variable and using thw two underscores but i still see the my calledID , i am using both asterisk 1.8.29 and other is asterisk 11.4 here is the dialplan inherit which i do :

exten=> _6XX,n,set(__var=${EXTEN})

exten=> _6XX,n,Dial(IAX2/bridge/${EXTEN},,tTor)

I want to recieve the client number that were called from my first pvx with 5XX extensions to be shown on my second pbx with 6XX while making a transfer to the bridge with 3 way call or blind transfer , I know i am missing something here , can you guys help me.

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