[asterisk-users] Need ISDN call generator

Hooman Fazaeli hoomanfazaeli at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 04:20:56 CDT 2016


To troubleshoot FreeBSD panics triggered by ISDN load on an asterisk system,
we are looking to buy an ISDN call generator/simulator device.

The minimum requirements include:

- Not too expensive
- PRI support (BRI support is a plus)
- CCS+CRC4 farming + HDB3 coding
- EuroISDN (DSS1) support.
- A minimum of 4 ports (120 channels/concurrent calls)
- Compatibility with Digium cards.
- DUT in TE mode.
- Reliable & stable operation.

I would like to hear your recommendations for and experiences about
such a device. Recommendations on hand crafted systems using
Asterisk, DAHDI and PRI cards on any OS which has worked stably for
someone are also welcome


Best regards
Hooman Fazaeli

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