[asterisk-users] Asterisk Realtime RTUPDATE issue

Ahmed Munir ahmedmunir007 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 08:10:47 CDT 2016


I'm currently using Asterisk 11.7.0.The issue currently I'm facing in
Asterisk realtime sip_buddies table i.e. if I try to unregister the
extension, ipaddr, port, regseconds, fullcontact, useragent and lastms
remain still populated with data unless do the sip reload. This issue also

In sip.conf the parameter I've enabled/uncommented  for realtime are only
'rtcachefriends=yes' and rest of the realtime parameters are commented (set
as default).

Please advise, what I'm may missed out.


Ahmed Munir Chohan
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