[asterisk-users] pjproject 2.5.5 + asterisk-certified-13.8-cert1 : many Error loading module...undefined symbol

Jonas Kellens jonas.kellens at telenet.be
Thu Aug 18 03:46:15 CDT 2016

On 17-08-16 23:17, Jonathan H wrote:
> On 17 August 2016 at 20:40, Jonas Kellens <jonas.kellens at telenet.be> wrote:
>> When I compile "--without-pjproject" I loose all webrtc functionality. I get errors about the lack of "ice-frag and ice-pwd in the SDP-body".
>> So I guess I DO need pjproject. But I do not want to use pjsip (I prefer sip).
>> Do you have any other input or idea ?
> Yes.
> I've never had a problem compiling or installing Asterisk; I simply
> download the latest version, follow the instructions, and 10 minutes
> later I'm compiled and up and running.
> No messing about with weird seperate downloads of unsupported versions
> of pjsip - I just use the bundled pjsip install and off I go.
> But from your posts, it seems you want to do modern web stuff like
> WebRTC and so on, on old version of centos, old versions of asterisk,
> old version of the SIP channel driver.
> What particular reason is there to even bother with the certified
> version - the instructions say the regular most recent LTS download
> should be first choice.
> And why do you prefer SIP? pjsip was introduced in Asterisk 12 nearly
> 3 years ago, and SIP is pretty much deprecated now.
> As a newbie, I looked at SIP and it all seemed a bit bonkers -
> "type=friend, insecure=very" - what's THAT all about?!
> In pjsip, I just setup a pjsip_wizard and template my endpoints in
> pjsip.conf, and I'm done in a few lines.
> https://github.com/lardconcepts/asterisk-digitalocean-voipfone-config/blob/master/Asterisk-13-on-Ubuntu.md
> This is me, creating a brand new Asterisk install on a low end $5 VPS
> which handles more concurrent calls than I need it to (at least 20 so
> far!);
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h12NkJQwpYo (I just found out that the
> Youtube annotations don't work on mobile, so watch on desktop for it
> to make sense!).
> I'm probably the newbiest of noobs here, but just using the latest
> current stable version of everything available and following the
> install page on the Asterisk Wiki I can fire up a VPS and be receiving
> calls in 20 minutes, from scratch. And I'm genuinely interested in why
> people struggle on for days with old versions of things. I'm not
> asking all this to create argument, but I am genuinely interested.
> Perhaps I am missing a major point here?

Because in some environments stability is far more important than 
'latest' and 'newest'.

Kind regards.


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