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Sun Aug 14 13:28:36 CDT 2016


    What I want to do is create a way to easily send callers into a
conference room to have an N-way conference call. I created an extension
'100' that calls the MeetMe() command. Then all I need to do is transfer a
caller using a blind transfer (*2 in my case) to extension 100. Then I can
dial a feature code that sends me into that conference (*15 in my case). So
far, a piece of cake. What I realize now is that once I enter the
conference, I can't add more people to the call. What I need is a way to
easily exit the conference, call another user, add them to the call, etc.
and then re-enter the room myself. I tried using the 'p' and 'X' meetme
options without success. In other words:


Place a call.

Blind transfer the call to the conference (*2100)

Enter the conference myself (*15)

Exit the conference

Repeat as necessary


Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated.





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