[asterisk-users] chan_pjsip ignoring endpoint device state (qualify) on dial

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at jajcus.net
Tue Aug 9 02:03:18 CDT 2016


We have been migrating our PBX system from Asterisk 1.8 and chan_sip to
Asterisk 13 and chan_pjsip. Things are mostly, ok, but now I have
stumbled on a behaviour difference I don't like.

With chan_pjsip when a phone went unexpectedly offline (Ethernet cable
disconnected) Asterisk would detect this quickly (through the 'qualify'
pings), mark the phone as 'Unavailable' and fail immediately with
'CHANUNAVAIL' when dialling this phone.

With Asterisk 13 and chan_pjsip qualify still works for determining
current phone availability (endpoint shown as 'Unavailable' shortly
after disconnecting the cable), but the phone is being dialled like
nothing is wrong – Asterisk sends the INVITE and waits for the response,
until SIP timeout (a bit more than 30s total). That is much longer time
until 'CHANUNAVAIL' than I expect. It is also longer than the dial
timeout in some cases, so I would get 'NOANSWER' instead of
'CHANUNAVAIL' which breaks my dialplan logic.

Is that that the expected behaviour, a bug or a configuration problem?
Am I supposed to check for device availability in my dialplan?


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