[asterisk-users] Metaswitch caller ID passing

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Fri Aug 5 08:05:19 CDT 2016


I am dealing with a telco that has recently upgraded from a DMS100 
switch to a "Metaswitch", and our PRI no longer passes foreign caller ID 
information, i.e. if I place an outbound call with specific caller ID 
information not associated with the PRI, it gets replaced with the PRI's 
primary phone number.

This is a bit of a problem for follow-me services, which end up showing 
the PRI's primary phone number instead of the original caller's phone 

I know this isn't a "metaswitch" forum, but can anyone point me in a 
direction of some metaswitch documentation or know what the option is in 
a metaswitch to allow foreign caller ID information?  The telco 
engineers are still struggling with this new switch, and I am not sure 
they understand or appreciate my urgency in getting this resolved!



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