[asterisk-users] "Follow me" with Asterisk that detects cellphone voicemail and similar announcements

Frank Vanoni mailinglist at linuxista.com
Thu Apr 28 09:55:13 CDT 2016

Just a few ideas...

1. Disable all mobile carrier's voicemail and configure a voicemail on
your Asterisk. Let Asterisk handle the unanswered calls.

2. If your SIP provider allows multiple calls at the same time,
configure Asterisk to call all your SIMs at once (instead of calling the
first, wait... calling the second... wait and so on).

3. If your mobile carrier blocks SIP on your data plan, simply configure
Asterisk <-> SIP client on your mobile phone to use another port. 
Or, even better, you can use IAX instead of SIP. On your mobile device
install a client that supports IAX (for example, Zoiper).


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