[asterisk-users] What requires ReceiveFAX to trigger T.38 negociation ?

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 05:41:07 CDT 2016


I'm giving PJSIP a try on an Asterisk 13 box.
More specifically I'm studying in a lab, how to configure T.38.

My setup is:
SendFAX -->-- asterisk 11   <----SIP/PJSIP---> asterisk 13 -->-- ReceiveFAX

I can observe fax are successfully sent end received but I'm failling to
see any T.38 trafic.

My understanding of T.38 is that closest to receiving end gateway should
trigger T.38 negociation.
So I would expect the second asterisk box (the one with Asterisk 13) to ask
the first asterisk box to start using T.38.

Is this expectation correct ?
Is there a way to "force" ReceiveFAX to use T.38 ?

Best Regards
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