[asterisk-users] Debian 8.4 : dahdi startup scripts ?

Bertrand LUPART - Linkeo.com bertrand.lupart at linkeo.com
Mon Apr 18 11:25:30 CDT 2016


>> I just made a asterisk / dahdi fresh install on Debian 8.4, and ended up with the following packages :
>> However, i can't find any dahdi startup script, neither init.d neither systemd fashion.
>> $ sudo dpkg -l|grep -Ei 'dahdi'|cut -d " " -f3 |xargs dpkg -L|grep -E 'init.d|system'
>> /usr/share/doc/dahdi/examples/system.conf.sample.gz
>> /etc/init.d
>> Am I missing something?
> Yes. README.Debian[1], included as /usr/share/doc/dahdi/README.debian .
> README.Debian (.gz, if it's long enough) is a file for some extra
> documentation by the packager. See the section about "Automatic startup"
> there.
> The only real use the DAHDI init script has is for interactive module
> loading / unloading. Modprobe is not useful on its own, as DAHDI
> includes a set of modules (especially if you use Astribanks. There a bit
> of extra magic besides the recursive rmmod was added).
> Furthermore, there is really no point is removing of modules at system
> shutdown. It only wastes time (and some CPU cycles, if you care about
> power) and increases the chances of exposing bugs at that time.

This startup / shutdown scheme apply to nominal cases where you don't need to reboot your system :)

Building a brand new box may require you to restart dahdi a bunch of times : "no span" error [1], digium firmware not downloading [2], forgetting Europe requires E1 line mode, new telco uncertain if using crc4 …
More, in case your telco is failing, he'll often ask you to reset on your side first. Restarting dahdi feels way more convenient than rebooting a distant system.

Red a bunch of READMEs of the packages installed before posting, not sure i red this one. Maybe a "Manual startup / shutdown" section would be welcome ;)

> IIRC the Asterisk package in Jessie lacks the extra script to get the
> configured DAHDI channels into Asterisk[2]. You may need to drop it
> yourself to /usr/share/dahdi/span-config.d
> If things still don't work, please do report it here on on the BTS.

This file is missing on my side (1:, but asterisk seems to be aware of the channels. Not sure how.

Thank you for your answer,

[1] http://asteriskfaqs.org/2015/01/15/asterisk-users/dahdi_genconf-fails-with-empty-configuration-no-spans.html
[2] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=820802#5

Bertrand LUPART

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