[asterisk-users] Issue with DAHDI and caller id after update

Chad Mothersell chad at mothersell.net
Thu Apr 14 23:47:24 CDT 2016

Hello Asterisk users,
This issue started after we updated all of our systems to Asterisk 13.7.2.
CentOS 5.11
DAHDI Version:
Asterisk updated from 13.1.0 to 13.7.2
Asterisk takes around 5 rings to answer the call (before it took 2)
Only seems to happen to our Asterisk systems behind another phone system that does not provide caller ID
Asterisk systems connected directly to a telco that doesn’t provide caller ID work fine
All systems that get caller ID work fine

Disabling caller ID in chan_dahdi.conf allows Asterisk to answer the call immediately. This does fix the issue but we manage a large amount of Asterisk servers and we follow “same is good, different is bad”. We’ve never had to track this setting before on our systems because before if there was no caller ID Asterisk would just move on after two rings. This makes sense because caller ID should arrive between one and two rings on an analog line.

Just wondering if anyone else may have ran into a similar issue and was able to resolve it. 


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