[asterisk-users] Debian 8.4 : dahdi startup scripts ?

Bertrand LUPART - Linkeo.com bertrand.lupart at linkeo.com
Tue Apr 12 09:36:58 CDT 2016


I just made a asterisk / dahdi fresh install on Debian 8.4, and ended up with the following packages :

$ sudo dpkg -l|grep -Ei 'dahdi|asterisk|libpri'
ii  asterisk                           1:11.13.1~dfsg-2+b1               amd64        Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
ii  asterisk-config                    1:11.13.1~dfsg-2                  all          Configuration files for Asterisk
ii  asterisk-core-sounds-en            1.4.22-1                          all          asterisk PBX sound files - US English
ii  asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm        1.4.22-1                          all          asterisk PBX sound files - en-us/gsm
ii  asterisk-dahdi                     1:11.13.1~dfsg-2+b1               amd64        DAHDI devices support for the Asterisk PBX
ii  asterisk-modules                   1:11.13.1~dfsg-2+b1               amd64        loadable modules for the Asterisk PBX
ii  asterisk-moh-opsound-gsm           2.03-1                            all          asterisk extra sound files - English/gsm
ii  asterisk-voicemail                 1:11.13.1~dfsg-2+b1               amd64        simple voicemail support for the Asterisk PBX
ii  dahdi                              1:                      amd64        utilities for using the DAHDI kernel modules
ii  dahdi-firmware-nonfree             2.10.0-1                          all          DAHDI non-free firmware
ii  dahdi-linux                        1:                 all          DAHDI telephony interface - Linux userspace parts
ii  dahdi-modules-3.16.0-4-amd64:amd64 1:  amd64        DAHDI modules for Linux (kernel 3.16.0-4-amd64)
ii  dahdi-source                       1:                 all          DAHDI telephony interface - source code for kernel driver
ii  libpri1.4                          1.4.15-1                          amd64        Primary Rate ISDN specification library

However, i can't find any dahdi startup script, neither init.d neither systemd fashion.

$ sudo dpkg -l|grep -Ei 'dahdi'|cut -d " " -f3 |xargs dpkg -L|grep -E 'init.d|system'

Am I missing something?

Thank you,

Bertrand LUPART

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