[asterisk-users] ​ Re: Recommendations for free virtual server tech and Asterisk? (Ikka Tirtawidjaja)

Saint Michael venefax at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 12:22:56 CDT 2016

​OpenVZ is useless for Asterisk or any other resource intensive
application. OpenVZ was built from a hosting provider point if view, and if
you exceed any of the counters, dozens of them, they system will
kill your app immediately. It is almost impossible to build a VPS that will
use all the resources of the machine.  The only container technology that
works for Asterisk is LXC, better implemented by Ubuntu on the server side.
Centos 7 is behind in the LXC version and it is part of the core OS, but
found in a repository. Yo need kernel 4.X to make it works flawlessly.
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