[asterisk-users] Asterisk 11.22.0 Now Available

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Wed Apr 6 06:41:46 CDT 2016

Brendan Ord wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> Sorry to hijack this thread.
> We are using AsteriskNOW, and I went to update the other day (current
> 11.14.2) but it seems there's no up to date versions of Asterisk 11
> in the repo's that come with that distro.

Older AsteriskNOW (5.211.x) uses a separate repo and is not kept up to 
date as of this time.

> I'll assume Digium is keeping theirs up to date, but do the Asterisk
> updates in AsteriskNOW come from the CentOS repos?

Newer AsteriskNOW (6.12.x) uses a different non-CentOS repo and is kept 
up to date. I don't believe there's an upgrade path between them. As for 
a repo to use - FreePBX bases their distro on CentOS so theirs might be 
best for you.

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