[asterisk-users] Semicolon use in configuration?

Juan van Rooyen juan.vanrooyen at lightwire.co.nz
Sun Oct 11 20:55:29 CDT 2015

Hi there,


Hope there is a quick answer for this.

Is there an escape character in the Asterisk parser so I can use semicolon
in asterisk configuration (specifically pjsip)?


The reason I ask is that Spark NZ (previously Telecom NZ) uses BroadWorks,
wants the Contact User to be:
01234567;tgrp=01234567;trunkcontext=telecom.co.nz at SERVER.IP:5060;transport=u


chan_sip never supported this, so I'm trying to get pjsip's Contact User to
do it by specifying the User portion.

However semi-colon is treated as a comment by the Asterisk parser. Adding
quotes (") around the setting doesn't seem to help.


Any ideas?




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