[asterisk-users] Asterisk QoS stats

Dmitriy Serov serov.d.p at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 10:06:49 CDT 2015


Recently I installed voipmonitor and voipmonitor-gui trial version.
After examining it, I was amazed at the abundance of useful information 
that can and should be obtained from the work of Asterisk.

1. The cost voipmonitor-gui too expensive and not justified in my case.
For this reason, I consider the implementation of a poor analogue:
- based on the data collected from the QoS values obtained from CHANNEL 
and stored in the asterisk CDR
- using data from tables of the free voipmonitor
- something else?
Which way would you choose and why? Or maybe you have chosen and share 
your experience?

2. Analyzing the data, I noticed the frequent discrepancy in the data 
between voipmonitor and asterisk channel qos.
One of them shows packet loss, the other does not. Indicators PDV 
(Packet Delay Variation) and RTT are generally difficult to compare.
Is there a reasonable and understandable explanation for such discrepancies?

3. PDD (Post dial delay), MOS - these values would be great to have in 
Channel QoS


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