[asterisk-users] Live Recording on the NAS?

jg webaccounts173 at jgoettgens.de
Fri Oct 9 05:53:24 CDT 2015

> I am planning to move Asterisk from physical server to a VM on a ESXi host.
> VMware datastore / VM's will be stored on the shared storage on the NAS (NSF). I might 
> get Synology NAS.
> Do you store call live recording on the NAS? There would be around 60 concurrent calls 
> recording at the same time and it may cause network bottleneck.
> There will be other VM's stored on the NAS like Windows Servers, Linux Servers, Database, etc.
60 concurrent alls sounds like a lot. I'd work with a RAM-disk and some post-processing to be 
safe. I have a low priority background task that moves finished sound files to a file server and 
converts them to mp3. The software that accesses the audio looks for both formats at both 
places. I think it is generally a good idea to handle file issues outside of Asterisk.

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