[asterisk-users] pjsip realtime registrations not pulling from ODBC

Bryant Zimmerman BryantZ at zktech.com
Sun Oct 4 11:54:59 CDT 2015


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 On 15-10-04 01:42 PM, Bryant Zimmerman wrote:
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> On 15-10-04 01:09 PM, Bryant Zimmerman wrote:
>> --
>> Joshua
>> Thanks for your reply. It thought the same thing, but when I change the
>> line in the corcery.conf to:
>> registration=realtime,px1_ps_registrations
>> Asterisk crashes and won't start. Here is what the log loop.
>> [Oct 4 16:04:18] WARNING[64823] config_options.c: Cannot update type
>> 'registration' in module 'res_pjsip' because it has no existing
>> documentation!
>> If I switch to "registrations=realtime,px1_ps_registrations" the error
>> stops, but I get now calls from the px1_ps_registrations table from the
>> database.
>> What could be missing?
> Outbound registrations are done in res_pjsip_outbound_registration, as a
> result the registration= needs to be in a section for that module 
> --
> Joshua
> That seems to have been the issue. Is there a documentation page out
> there that highlights which options goes under which modules.
> I have not run across this yet and am wondering if I am going to bump
> into any more that need to be pushed under their own config context.

I don't think there's a page that describes it unfortunately.

> Also is there a trick to what should be used in the client_uri field to
> make the connection?
> I am trying to connect to a sip vendor and I am trying to use
> sipaccount at venderhostname.vendordomain.net?
> Now that the registration table is coming up it is stating I have an
> invalid client URI.. I put the same thing in for a text based
> registration and it worked.

You need to put sip: in front to make it a valid SIP URI.

 Much thanks for all your direction today. I am sending good karma your 
 Thank You Thank You

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