[asterisk-users] endwhile jumping out of macro

Ethy H. Brito ethy.brito at inexo.com.br
Sat Nov 28 07:14:10 CST 2015


I have a 3 level nested while-endwhile loop in a macro that when the
execution reaches endwhile, it is jumping out to the While at the caller

It shouldn't since the are instructions after the endwhile.

    -- Executing [s at macro-call-from-outside:72] EndWhile("DAHDI/i1/1234567-4a7f", "") in new stack
  == Channel 'DAHDI/i1/1234567-4a7f' jumping out of macro 'call-from-outside'
    -- Executing [s at macro-recurse_check_redirect_not_mailbox:7]
    While("DAHDI/i1/1234567-4a7f", "1") in new stack

I checked the while-endwhile balance and it seems ok.
I also checked if I GoTo() outside the loop. I don't.

Macroexit is executed inside the while-endwhile loop in certain cases
exiting some inner loop.

Could MacroExiting inside a while loop cause this lost of balance?



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