[asterisk-users] Using external RTP proxy for res_pjsip

Dmitriy Serov serov.d.p at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 08:59:01 CST 2015


I would like to have only RTP proxy. SIP signaling to leave the existing 
server without duplicating the list of thousands of endpoints
The desired behavior is very similar to the work of the STUN server, but 
only for RTP stream and without the real existence of NAT on the server 

Understand that without the registration data to the proxy will fully 
open proxy. Then maybe it makes sense to use the existing open STUN server?
How to force asterisk (res_pjsip) and client to use common STUN for RTP 
stream without having the real NAT?


02.11.2015 17:39, Bryant Zimmerman пишет:
> Dmitrity
> What kind of volume are you running?
> You can use asterisk as a proxy if you set it up correctly. The choice 
> would fall on the volume and the operational needs.
> To use an external proxy you would either need to register to the 
> proxy or have a trusted IP to IP relationship. If your carrier allows 
> for endpoint registration then you could attached your asterisk server 
> directly, and would not need a proxy. If you have an IP for a 
> proxy you could also do a NAT translation from that IP directly to the 
> Asterisk server and negate the need for a proxy all together.
> As far as connecting to a proxy. You would need a pjsip endpoint 
> either with a trusted IP or with a registration to your proxy server.
> As far as exactly what should go in your pjsip.conf that depends on 
> your final implementation. You have not given enough detail of your 
> network situation, and the reasons for a proxy to adequately advise 
> you any deeper.
> Good luck. I hope some of the above is helpful to you.
> Bryant
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> The asterisk server has a permanent IP address, but the provider 
> cannot ensure stable quality traffic for RTP.
> There is a desire to use an external server, the address of which 
> shall be specified in the SDP, through which flowing media.
> I use asterisk 13.6 and res_pjsip.
> Prompt, please:
> 1. what software can be used on an external RTP proxy?
> 2. What settings need to be done in pjsip.conf to use this external 
> RTP proxy?
> Preferably specifies the external RTP proxy to specify a specific 
> endpoint, not globally. If only globally valid, the suit and the decision.
> I would be grateful for any clues.
> Dmitriy Serov.

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