[asterisk-users] Using external RTP proxy for res_pjsip

Dmitriy Serov serov.d.p at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 08:09:55 CST 2015

The asterisk server has a permanent IP address, but the provider cannot 
ensure stable quality traffic for RTP.

There is a desire to use an external server, the address of which shall 
be specified in the SDP, through which flowing media.
I use asterisk 13.6 and res_pjsip.

Prompt, please:
1. what software can be used on an external RTP proxy?
2. What settings need to be done in pjsip.conf to use this external RTP 

Preferably specifies the external RTP proxy to specify a specific 
endpoint, not globally. If only globally valid, the suit and the decision.

I would be grateful for any clues.

Dmitriy Serov.
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