[asterisk-users] chanspy and mixmonitor

sysadmin at reed-media.com sysadmin at reed-media.com
Fri May 29 11:59:10 CDT 2015

Hello guys,

I'm using asterisk 11.
i'm using Chanspy in a local channel to playBack a file to a specific 

exten => do_playback,1,Answer()
     same => n,Wait(1)
     same => n,Playback(${Pv_WhatToPlay})
     same => n,Hangup()

exten => do_chanspy,1,Answer()
     same => n,ChanSpy(${Pv_WhoHear},qXBwW)
     same => n,Hangup()

just basically need to call an originate to play the file to a specific 

The thing is I'm also using MixMonitor to record the specific channel.
I can playback the file referenced in ${Pv_WhatToPlay} and both the 
caller and the callee can hear it.

however i cannot hear it in the recorded conversation ?
anyone know if there is a way to make it recordable.




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