[asterisk-users] Debugging dialplan

Sebastian Kemper sebastian_ml at gmx.net
Fri May 29 07:02:43 CDT 2015

Hi Luca,

It's not the A number you have to look at if you want to know how a call comes into the dialplan and then goes out again. You want do know in which context a call arrives. That depends on things like the IP address (peer), username/password (friend) or other things.

I suggest to read up on that using the Internet (there are e.g. wiki articles about this subject) or a book (e.g. "Definitive Guide on Asterisk").


Am 29. Mai 2015 09:42:55 MESZ, schrieb Luca Bertoncello <lucabert at lucabert.de>:
>Zitat von jg <webaccounts173 at jgoettgens.de>:
>> Yes, it is called "core set verbose 42", the other options is "core  
>> set debug 42".  Enjoy the show!
>OK, thanks, but with this option I can just debug what happens if I  
>call an extension right now...
>I'd like to have a command to ask Asterisk how it will handle a call...
>> Once you are more familiar with *, you might want to have a look  
>> what you can do with logger.conf.
>Maybe later...
>Luca Bertoncello
>(lucabert at lucabert.de)

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