[asterisk-users] Seeking advice about ISDN BRI Cards

Lukasz Sokol el.es.cr at gmail.com
Thu May 28 04:06:03 CDT 2015

Thank you all for valuable input,

another question: when do I actually need the echo cancellation 
(hardware / on board /on module ) ? 


On 26/05/15 11:17, Lukasz Sokol wrote:
> Hi,
> please whoever has some expertise in choice of BRI ISDN cards,
> please restore my faith in community support :)
> (on private email I can probably explain more than fits for a public forum)
> Most I'd like to ask is about what to choose, out of what is available...
> My locality is United Kingdom, lines from British Telecom (BT),
> but any advice / pointers (I googled around already) are welcome...
> My system to fit this card into, is FreePBX Distro with Asterisk 11, 
> already running with incoming SIP trunk(s); 
> I wish to extend it to accept incoming 'landline' ISDN BRI (6 channels / 3 ports).
> So far the interesting option(s) were Sangoma A500 and Digium B410P...
> (the appliance is adopted from an old desktop that still only ever has PCI2.0 slots,
> no PCIE)
> (there are also OpenVOX's cards, although their installation guide is somewhat, well...
>  in the old kernel era...)
> Anyone who use(d) any of the above, not necessarily on a FreePBX - you're welcome... :)
> Kind Regards,
> Lukasz

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