[asterisk-users] asterisk 13 webrtc

Kirill Marchuk 62mkv at mail.ru
Sat May 23 08:15:02 CDT 2015

Hi Marek

  Yes, here is a person with (mostly) working Asterisk 13 (chan_sip) + 
WebRTC (using sipml5 js lib) setup

  You can contact me directly, if you wish, I will try to help if I can

  As of the issue you have.. is it because you're working with FF 37 as  
browser ?

  I have not come across such issues since last summer, when FF (or 
Asterisk, don't remember exactly) had problems with proper DTLS-SRTP 

Yours, Kirill

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> [asterisk-users] asterisk 13 webrtc

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