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    Yes, I’ve also seen that 5 second delay with our fax server and it drove me crazy. How I solved it was by doing a “core show channels <concise|verbose>” and detect if there was a fax transmission going on.  Doing it this way shows up instantaneously without any delay. Like so:


mte6*CLI> core show channels concise



mte6*CLI> core show channels verbose 

Channel              Context              Extension        Prio State   Application  Data                      CallerID        Duration Accountcode PeerAccount BridgedTo           

SIP/SIPRoutes-000000 faxserver-tx         fax                11 Up      SendFAX      /var/spool/asterisk/fax/d                 00:00:10 voipbusines             (None)   

1 active channel

1 active call

62 calls processed


mte6*CLI> core show channels 

Channel              Location             State   Application(Data)             

SIP/SIPRoutes-000000 fax at faxserver-tx:11  Up      SendFAX(/var/spool/asterisk/fa

1 active channel

1 active call

62 calls processed



All of these outputs shows that there is a fax transmission taking place. I hope this helps.







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hello everybody

i want to send fax via asterisk in pass through mode. everything is ok if enable fax detection in ooh323 and write fax extension in extensions.conf file. just one problem: delay. i have to wait 5 seconds in order to fax detection done. it is too long for me when i have voice call and no fax. my phone rings after five seconds. is there any way to omit or reduce this time? i test and understand that sip fax detection acts in some milliseconds but oohs323 needs 5 seconds to do that. what is difference between them?

any comments or hints are really appreciated.


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