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I am in the peculiar situation to have to set up a PBX for two
independent sites, but operated by the same entity. Yes, I could set
up two VPSs and install Asterisk to each, put common stuff (e.g.
conferencing setup) into Git and share between both using includes,
but for various reasons (among them simplicity and cost), I'd prefer
a single Asterisk instance.

I know I can #include files from sip.conf and extensions.conf, so
making a extensions.conf that consists of

  #include ext-common.conf
  #include foo/extensions.conf
  #include bar/extensions.conf

is trivial. Unfortunately, the contexts in each of these files must
not clash, and so I will be forced to use e.g. [bar-incoming] in

That's a bit of redundancy here (which I am always trying to avoid
like the plague) and I am wondering if there are better ways. Do you
know of any, short of writing a script to "compile" the files and
change the contexts based on path (which will be dirty and hard to
get right)?


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