[asterisk-users] chan_ooh323 to sip , no connected line info

Dmitry Melekhov dm at belkam.com
Thu May 14 06:56:58 CDT 2015


We have asterisk connected over PRI no our phone network, so I'm avaya 
PBX user.
Asterisk connects to another avaya system over h323.

Connection can be shown as


When I do call as avaya user I see name of remote end avay user,
i.e. connected line info.

As I see in debug remote side send is as

14:07:29:758  Received H.2250 Message = {
14:07:29:758     protocolDiscriminator = 8
14:07:29:758     callReference = 47
14:07:29:758     from = destination
14:07:29:758     messageType = 7
14:07:29:758     Display IE = {
14:07:29:758        Disa
14:07:29:758     }

over h323.

But now we need to connect to another asterisk over SIP.

in this case we have following :


i.e. there are two asterisks , which are connected over chan_sip.

In this case I don't get name of remote user, although  right asterisk 
receives the same info from avaya,
but it just doesn't pass it into SIP, as I see from debug.

Could you tell me is it possible to send this info from h323 to sip?

Thank you!

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