[asterisk-users] Cannot "dialplan reload". Explain module loading

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Wed May 6 08:19:03 CDT 2015


I've got a system on which Asterisk 11 was first installed.
Then Asterisk 13 was tentatively installed.
Then I'm trying to re-install Asterisk 11.

Every install was made from Asterisk source.

Now Asterisk 11 seems correctly installed but basic "dialplan reload"
command fails with:
dialplan reload
No such command 'dialplan reload' (type 'core show help dialplan' for other
possible commands)

I'm inclined to erase everything and restart from scratch but I'm seeing
these issues as an opportunity to learn how Asterisk module loading works.

Comparing my mis-configured system with a running one, I can see, for
example, that the following dialplan-related commands are missing:
dialplan add
dialplan reload
dialplan remove
dialplan save

but the following are present:
dialplan debug
dialplan set
dialplan show

So my current goal is to use CLI and type:
core set verbose 10
module load <something>

and hopefully see why <something> loading failed.

Reading Asterisk source code, is there a method to find which value I
should replace <something> with to load "dialplan reload" command ?

Best regards
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