[asterisk-users] call between snom 300 and aastra 6731i

Salaheddine Elharit salah.elharit200 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 06:02:37 CDT 2015

hello list

i need your help please regarding an issue with snom300 and aastra6731i
using asterisk

11.13.0  asterisk

snom 300

astra 6731i

i have configured the trunks like below

100 in snom300
200 in snom300
300 in aastra6731i
400 in x-lite

the calls between x-lite and aastra ====ok inbound and outbound

the calls between x-lite and snom300====> ok inbound and outbound

the issue just between snom and aastra i can call from aastra to snom
without issue

but when itry to call from snom300 to aastra6731i  i get bad request all
the time

i test with 3 snom300 i get the same result

please any body have the snom and aastra can help me in order to fixe this

thanks and regards.
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