[asterisk-users] Determining if a queue member is paused in Dialplan logic. [1.8]

John Kiniston johnkiniston at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 19:18:45 CDT 2015

Thank you Kevin, I've looked at your solution and while I agree it's not
ideal it does appear to be something that might work for me.

I'll see if I can maybe backport the QUEUE_MEMBER stuff to 1.8 from 11.

I'm also exploring an idea with a co-worker of using an AMI listener that
will fire off actions in response to the member being paused and doing
things that way.

I looked at parsing the log but sadly the log uses the Member Name in the
log instead of the actual device so I don't have a way of knowing what
handset they are logged into the queue from.

On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 12:13 PM, Kevin Larsen <
kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com> wrote:

> First, let me say I feel dirty for even posting this. It is probably far
> from ideal, but it does get the job done. I had the same issue. Also, I am
> using Asterisk 11. I just looked and it doesn't appear that the
> QUEUE_MEMBER function supports the paused option in 1.8. To be honest, I am
> not sure if there is a good replacement for what I have done below in the
> 1.8 series.
> It isn't elegant and if you have a lot of queues/queue members to check,
> it will constitute a lot of looping, but it does work. Like you, I would
> like to have a way to check the pause status of a member easier. If the
> queue application could call a subroutine with it autopaused someone, that
> would actually make an elegant solution, but for now, this was the way I
> could see to do it.
> You could maybe call a script that would parse the queue_log file looking
> for an agents status and pass that back into the dialplan.
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