[asterisk-users] TRUNK Dial failed due to CONGESTION HANGUPCAUSE: 34

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Wed Mar 25 08:47:47 CDT 2015


On Wednesday 25 Mar 2015, Salaheddine Elharit wrote:
> tnaks for your response but the number dialed exist and i can call this
> number when i configure the trunk directly in x-lite and i call call also
> this number from my cell phone .
> any help
> thanks and regards

Make sure you are sending the number in the correct format, when you Dial() 
via your trunk.  Some providers want you to omit the leading zero from the STD 
code.  Others want you to include it.  Others still want you to include the 
IDD code  (and then definitely leave out the 0, just like you were phoning home 
from abroad).

My home phone number is (01332) XXXXXX.  To call it, you might have to Dial() 
any of the following  (assuming OUTSIDE is defined elsewhere):

Dial(${OUTSIDE}/01332XXXXXX, 60)		; with leading 0
Dial(${OUTSIDE}/1332XXXXXX, 60)		; without leading 0
Dial(${OUTSIDE}/441332XXXXXX, 60)	; with IDD code

If you don't know what format your telco are expecting and have to determine 
by experiment, it probably would be easiest to set up an extension which just 
makes a call to one fixed number -- your own mobile is as good as anything 

To remove the leading 0 from ${EXTEN} , you can use ${EXTEN:1} which omits one 
digit from the beginning.  


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