[asterisk-users] UNREACHABLE peer

thufir hawat.thufir at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 09:31:48 CDT 2015

On 15-03-20 6:55 AM, dotnetdub wrote:
> Turn on sip debugging for this peer and watch for the options sending
> and response.
> If you are getting a response to your options asterisk shouldn't be
> marking the peer as unavailable.
> is your asterisk behind a firewall?

I have a Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Data Gateway ... with firewall at 
"low" for SPI.  I don't recall the other setting, but I've tested it by 
making VoIP calls with Jitsi configured with this exact peer.  Of 
course, the config isn't exactly the same, but it's the same account, 
same company, etc.

turn on debug like so:


I'll try that, thanks :)

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