[asterisk-users] PRI Callerid Passthrough

dk at donkelly.biz dk at donkelly.biz
Wed Mar 18 11:01:09 CDT 2015

The way it's expected to work:


Inbound call to our toll-free number, we pay for the call TO US until


Inbound call to our local number, caller pays for the call TO US until
terminated (if long distance charges apply for caller)


In either case, we pay for the outbound call if long distance charges apply


As a practical matter, some carriers don't have this figured out very well,
so anything could happen!




On 03/18/2015 10:02 AM, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:

Got a question for you - with TBCT, who pays for the call once it is
transferred?  Still me as the owner of the trunk?


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